Poetry Writing Competition Winner and Runners Up 2023

Thank you for all the fantastic entries. And congratulations to our winners and runners up.

Helping us choose the winner was our guest judge, Marcella Rick.

Marcella Rick is a multidisciplinary theatre maker, poet and playwright. They’ve shared work across the North West and beyond, with their upcoming show Potato Milk set for a full production at Unity Theatre in May this year.

The Food For Though team along with Marcella really enjoyed reading the entries, but there can only be one winner.

Marcella said, “the winner I’ve chosen is Tyler from Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School. His poem ‘The Lonely Embrace of Grief’ was gorgeously written, he used lots of descriptive language, and showed a good grasp of sharing emotions through poetry.”

Of the runners up, Marcella said “The runner up I’ve chosen is Sajisha from St Anne (Stanley) C of E Primary School.  She’d written a lovely poem called ‘Liverpool’, and the translation of the poem into Tamil underneath, which I think was beautiful. She’d also drawn some fantastic images around her poem which I really liked.”

“Overall – it was hard to choose! Everybody who shared a poem should be really proud, any one of them could have been in the top”. 

The runners up are: