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Plan To Make Liverpool a ‘Good Food City’ Launches

Right now, there is a plan to make Liverpool a ‘Good Food City’. It’s an ambitious plan, but it’s one that is within our reach thanks to the work of Feeding Liverpool.
We were approached by the Food Insecurity Task Force to contribute to Liverpool’s Good Food Plan, whose key aim is to create a city “where everyone can eat good food”. The plan is the first step to addressing some of the key issues we see day-to-day in schools; food insecurity and food waste.
Like us, they understand how important it is to create a good food culture and to work with local communities.
The plan has six key aims:
1.    ‘Good Food’ at points of Crisis
2.    Uncover the True Scale of Food Insecurity
3.    Enable Food Citizenship
4.    Shift Policy and Practice
5.    Connect the Community
We jumped at the chance to contribute to this and to see so many local people and grassroots organisations shape the plan and drive it forward. Our work in schools is featured, which you can read here.
Liverpool’s Good Food Plan is a start. You can find out more about the campaign by clicking here.