10 Portions

Plain flour 100g
Margarine 100g
Milk 1 ltr
Onion 0.1

50 Portions

Plain flour 500g
Margarine 500g
Milk 5 ltrs
Onion 0.5

100 Portions

Plain flour 1kg
Margarine 1kg
Milk 10 ltrs
Onion 1


  1. In a heavy bottomed pan on a low heat pour in the milk and peeled onion and slowly heat the milk until it is just about to simmer
  2. In a separate heavy bottomed pan melt the margarine taking care not to over heat it
  3. Add the flour all in one go and well with a spoon, cook out for 3 minutes (this is called a roux)
  4. Remove the onion from the hot milk
  5. Stirring constantly add the hot milk one ladle at a time until blended with the roux
  6. Using a whisk, mix well to ensure a smooth thickened sauce is achieved

Key Points


Wheat, Milk