Chicken Schnitzels


10 Portions

Chicken Goujons 500g
‘Panko’ Breadcrumbs 100g
Plain flour 100g
Eggs – whole, beaten 1
Rapeseed oil For deep frying

50 Portions

Chicken Goujons 2.5kg
‘Panko’ Breadcrumbs 500g
Plain flour 500g
Eggs – whole, beaten 6
Rapeseed oil For deep frying

100 Portions

Chicken Goujons 5kg
‘Panko’ Breadcrumbs 1kg
Plain flour 1kg
Eggs – whole, beaten 12
Rapeseed oil For deep frying


  1. Add the salt to the flour, mix and pour into a baking tray
  2. Beat the eggs and pour into a separate baking tray
  3. Take the breadcrumbs and pour into a separate tray so you have a tray with seasoned flour, a tray with beaten egg and a tray with breadcrumbs in
  4. Working with a little at a time, toss the chicken pieces in the seasoned flour, removing any excess by shaking them
  5. Then dip them in the egg, ensuring they are well coated
  6. Then roll them in the breadcrumbs ensuring they are evenly coated
  7. Heat the rapeseed oil in deep fat fryer or wok to 180˚C
  8. Add the coated chicken and cook until they reach a temperature of 75˚C
  9. Serve immediately

Key Points

You could add paprika and powdered garlic to the flour in the 1st step.


Wheat, Eggs