Chocolate Cookies


10 Portions

Plain flour 100g

Baking powder 10g

Margarine 36g

Caster Sugar 36g

Demerara Sugar 36g

Golden Syrup 45g

Cocoa Powder 16g

50 Portions

Plain flour 500g

Baking powder 50g

Margarine 180g

Caster Sugar 180g

Demerara Sugar 180g

Golden Syrup 227g

Cocoa Powder 80g

100 Portions

Plain flour 1kg

Baking powder 100g

Margarine 900g

Caster Sugar 900g

Demerara Sugar 900g

Golden Syrup 454g Tin

Cocoa Powder 400g


  1. Sieve plain flour, cocoa powder and baking powder together
  2. ‘Crumb in’ the margarine
  3. Add the sugars and syrup
  4. Roll out and cut into cookie shapes
  5. Cook at 180˚C for 12-14 minutes or until cooked, these cookies can be made soft in the middle if not over cooked, that is the desired texture

Key Points

  • It can be useful to double up on this recipe, the dough can be rolled into a large sausage shape, clingfilmed, labelled and frozen for future use.


Wheat, Milk