Wet Nelly (Dockers Wedding Cake)


10 Portions

Bread 300g

Soft Spread 60g

Eggs 3

Caster Sugar 150g

Milk 500g

Sultanas 100g

Mixed Spice 1tsp

50 Portions

Bread 1.5kg

Soft Spread 300g

Eggs 12

Caster Sugar 750g

Milk 2.5ltr

Sultanas 500g

Mixed Spice 3tbsp

100 Portions

Bread 3kg

Soft Spread 600g

Eggs 24

Caster Sugar 1.5kg

Milk 5 ltr

Sultanas 1kg

Mixed Spice 6tsp


  1. Lightly Spread Each slice of bread and cut into 1⁄4 squares, place in a large pan to mix
  2. Add the Sultanas to the pan
  3. Whisk the cold milk, sugar, eggs and mixed spice together in a sperate bowl
  4. Add the liquid to bread and sultanas and let it soak for about an hour
  5. Transfer the mix to a suitable Gastronorm
  6. Bakeat180cfor1hour
  7. Allow to cool slightly before turning out onto a clean worktop
  8. Cut into square cakes and serve with custard

Key Points


Gluten, Eggs, Milk, Sulphites